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Why The Last Minute Building Code Issues in 1999? (was "Question about seismic lateral deflection")

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This brings up a question I've thought about before but never discussed.

Because I live in an area that until recently saw all THREE of the model
building codes adopted by various municipalities, when I hung out my own
shingle I had to purchase all of these. Of course, the local tech bookstore
only had the latest editions, so I got UBC 1997 (which the City of Houston
did and still does use) and both NBC 1999 and SBC 1999.

This brought up the question of why BOCA and SBCCI decided to issue "last
minute" revised building codes knowing, as they must have, that they'd never
be adopted?

Does anyone have any insight into this? As far as I know no one around here
has gone to the 1999 SBC, preferring to go to IBC when they finally get
around to it (some already have), and the one city that uses NBC still uses
the 1973 edition (or thereabouts) with the intent to go to IBC "real soon

Any comments?

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While the BOCA '96 has more of an impact on the design of buildings out
this way (i.e. not California) than many older codes, it is not that much
different from the 1993 BOCA code.  The major jumps in the BOCA code
really occured back in 1987 and 1990.

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