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HP demise story???

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Attention  SEAINT List members:

As a longtime HP  user   (my first  was a HP-45)   I've enjoyed the recent
thread of messages on the probable demise of RPN  -  HP calculators.

I think there is a major story here,  so I took liberties  of "PITCHING"  the
idea to Structural Engineer  magazine.  They are interested and would like
more input.

Here's a message I just received.  Please if you have comments  DO NOT send
them directly to me but send them to the editors at   Structural Engineer

Bob  Johnson
SEAOI  -  Public Relations


 Hi Bob,

 We like your HP Calculator idea and want to include an article about it in
 our March issue. Would you be able to do us a favor? We'd like to include
 quotes from engineers lamenting the calculator's demise. Would you have
time to post a message on the Internet chat rooms you visit?

The message should say that people interested in being quoted in a Structural
Engineer article should e-mail me their thoughts on the calculator. The
article will be kind of like a tribute.

 Thanks so much for all your help!

 Cathy Murphy
 Features Editor
 CE News and Structural Engineer
 5900 Windward Parkway
 Suite 450
 Alpharetta, GA 30005
 (770) 664-2812, ext. 25

E-mail:     catmurph(--nospam--at)


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