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RE: Vibration Problem

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I use to live in NE Florida near a train track, about 1/2 mile away.  You
could feel the vibrations standing on the ground, in the pool or in the
house when a large freight train went by. I always attributed it to the
nature of the dense sands in the region.

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> Hi All,
> I could use some help.  I am investigating a single family home in Florida
> constructed of masonry block with monolithic slab-on-grade.  The structure
> has cracking of the block along the rear of the home.  Hand Augurs, SPT
> Borings, GPR all show nothing. I am at a loss for a cause, expect for a
> long shot.  Around the time the cracks started showing up, some heavy
> construction (I believe earth work) was going on about 200' to 300' to the
> rear of the structure.  No vibration monitoring was conducted at the time
> of the construction.  Is it possible that the construction could of caused
> the cracking, and is there any reading material available on the subject
> that might help me. Thanks in advance.
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