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Concrete slab spec

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The following concrete spec for poured slabs (4"-5" thick)has been suggested
by another structural engineer to minimize shrinkage cracks.  It's
simplicity has some appeal.  I've recently used it on a large residence's
basement floor slab with
apparent success.  I post it here for feedback from my learned and
experienced colleagues around the country and world.

6 bag mix
water-cement ratio: 0.45
slump to meet finisher preference (5" default) using mid-range water-reducer
NO water added at job site

pros & cons? TIA.

David L. Williams, P.E.
Vice-Pres., Snyder Engineering, Inc.
409 Vandiver Drive, Bldg. 5, Ste 203
Columbia, MO  65202
Coordinates available upon request

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