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Re: Vibration Problem

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I agree with Glenn on the importance of evaluating the cracks for clues.
But, actually it's not really the cracks you evaluate.  Study the blocks or
masses of masonry that had to move, and in what direction, in order to open
the cracks.  In addition to crack orientation and size, note where the
cracks are wider and narrower in order to understand the rotation, as well
as direction, of the moved pieces.

If you want to pursue the vibration angle, ANSI S2.47-1990, Vibration of
Buildings -- Guidelines for the Measurement of Vibrations and Evaluation of
their Effects on Buildings may be useful.  It has some qualitative vibration
categorization charts, and it also may be helpful to you if you want to
develop a quantitative vibration evaluation procedure.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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