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Re: Vibration Problem

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	I think it not only is possible but fairly likely, however, with no
"before and after' monitoring it may be hard to prove.  It may be
cheaper to fix it than to fight even if you win.

	Good luck.


				H. Daryl Richardson

David Compton wrote:
> Hi All,
> I could use some help.  I am investigating a single family home in Florida
> constructed of masonry block with monolithic slab-on-grade.  The structure
> has cracking of the block along the rear of the home.  Hand Augurs, SPT
> Borings, GPR all show nothing. I am at a loss for a cause, expect for a long
> shot.  Around the time the cracks started showing up, some heavy
> construction (I believe earth work) was going on about 200' to 300' to the
> rear of the structure.  No vibration monitoring was conducted at the time of
> the construction.  Is it possible that the construction could of caused the
> cracking, and is there any reading material available on the subject that
> might help me. Thanks in advance.
> David L Compton, PE
> Urbaneering, Inc.
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