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Re: Determining Domestic Steel

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You wrote:

1) Is all steel made in the USA labeled "Made In The USA"? Some of these members have no label.
There is no requirement in the United States that domestic products be marked "Made in U.S.A.", so many products will not say so --- unless you require them to be via contract.  If I recall, the pertinent section is 18 USC Section 1504.

2) Is there any way to determine the origin of production if there is no label on the steel (chemical analysis, etc)?
It is common for contracts to require Certification of the steel.  There are a variety of documents ('Certifications') that are available.  A frequent requirement is a document from the supplier stating that the base material was 'melted and manufactured in the USA'.  Sometimes contracts require only that fabrication occur in the USA.

It is also not uncommon for Canadian mills or fabricators to make an appeal (request) that under the provisions of NAFTA --- they be treated as equal to US-domestic, and frequently such a waiver is granted.
A review of the Steel Certifications should provide you with the answers you need.  Start by looking for the 'Mill Certification' --- the analysis performed by the metal producer on the heat numbers of interest.

Thank you.

Randal S. Diviney P.E.
Director of Structural Engineering
Hayes Large Architects
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