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Job Opportunity - VDOT Commissioner - REALLY It's TRUE!!

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Title: RE: Please take off mailing list
The Virginia Department of Transportation is seeking a permanent Commissioner to head
the department.  The Department oversees the third largest network of state maintained roads
in the country.  You must be able to manage your way out of a paper bag and oversee 10k employees.
This opportunity was announced about 11:30 PM on November 6th by Governor Elect Mark Warner
shortly after his opponent conceded.  You will take over for Interim Commissioner Ray Pethel, who
will return to oversee the Smart Road in Blacksburg, the position he left the Commissioner's office
for in the first place.
Your immediate task will be to lower the project costs from about 217% of estimates to something
more in line with what the General Assembly feels is reasonable.  Currently ALL projects have been
put on hold due to accounting irregularities and one time fixes to maintain a balanced state budget. 
Be advised that Governor Warner has mandated budget cuts of 5%, 8%, and 8% for the next three
fiscal years, but has maintained full funding for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement which
comprises 10% of your operating budget. 
This is a unique challenge for a real go getter.  All interested candidates are encouraged to apply.
To apply, visit and hunt for the national agency that is searching for the
next commissioner.
Virginia led this country in the 18th century.  With you on board, we can lead this country in the 21st!!!