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Repost: Splicing of precast concrete pil

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You might make your client aware that every possible condition is not
codified and that engineering judgement and good engineering practice must be

For an example, you might use the example of a symmetrically loaded, parallel
chord, pin connected truss with an odd number of panels.  Engineering
analysis will indicate that the middle panel does not need diagonal members,
but that is based on the idealized loading.  Our engineering judgement would
say that this idealized loading may *never* be present, therefore diagonal(s)
in the middle bay is necessary.  (No code requirement on this one either!)

There are good practices and there are bad practices and, IMO, having a
non-positive connection in a pile fits in the latter.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona  USA

Gunnar Hafsteinn Isleifsson wrote:

. > I am resending the request below, in the hope that someone can give me an
. > answer, or point me in the right direction. I have been unable to find
. > anything in the UBC97 or ACI318 regarding the subject, and I am at a loss
. > where to search further. I have, as discussed previously, advised our
. > client not to accept pile splices that are only able to transfer
. > compressive loads, but he says he needs a code requirement like:
. > "...minimum tensile or bending capacity of pile splices shall be such...".
. > This is a long-time client and, even though we are not designing the pile
. > foundation, I do not want him to get into any trouble because of this.

. > Regards,
. > Gunnar Hafsteinn Isleifsson
. > Denmark

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. >   seaint(--nospam--at) at 16:48:29 on 20 Jan 2002.

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. > I would be grateful if anyone can tell me where I can find which
. > requirements, if any, US norms have regarding compressive, tensile or
. > bending strength of pile splices, when the piles are always in
. > compression.

. > With regards,
. > Gunnar Hafsteinn Isleifsson
. > Denmark

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