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Table 16A-K or 16-K of 1998 California Building Code?

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If your power plant is over 50 megawatts then it comes under the
jurisdiction of the California Energy Commission (CEC).  The CEC has made
no amendments to the California Building Codes like DSA and OSHPD.  If your
power plant is under 50 megawatts then it would likely come under what ever
is your local jurisdiction (city or county).  DSA and/or OSHPD requirements
should not apply to a power plant.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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I would appreciate help on 1998 California Building Code. In Volume 2 of
this code, importance factors given by Table 16-K and 16A-K are different.
am designing a concrete mat for a power plant in California. A transformer
sits on this mat. Chapter 16A is for DSA/SS (Division of the State
Architect/Structure Safety Section). A CBO official indicated that I should
use Table 16A-K instead of 16-K. Any comments?

Peter Cheng

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