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Re: [Fwd: Wind Load on Parapets]

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Thanks for your input. I guess my problem is that this gives a very high
load on parapet. Using free standing wall table:

Fn=Cf.q.Cg.Ce.h.L  (h and L=height and length of parapet)

Cf=2.0 for L/h>10  for walls above ground
Cf=1.2 for L/h>10  for walls on the ground

Ce=1, Cg=2.5, q=13 psf (for Chilliwack, BC)

Fn=5q.h.L  ==> Fn=65 psf   for walls above ground
Fn=3q.h.L  ==> Fn=39 psf   for walls on the ground

Considering the factor given in UBC-97 for parapet walls=1.3 (inward or
outward), Thess values seem too high. If you actually use this table for
parapet design, which value will you consider: above ground or on the

Since Canadian Code is in some ways similar to ASCE 7-95,I'd appreciate
comments from our colleagues who use that code.

Thanks again,
Reza Dashti P.Eng.
Vancouver, BC

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Subject: [Fwd: Wind Load on Parapets]
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Fellow engineers.

	I sent the attached to the list but the scanned attachment made it too
long so I sent it direct to Reza.  I have now detached the scanned
attachment so the rest of you can see the text of what I sent.


				H. Daryl Richardson
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