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Slab Embedment Question

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I have an elevated 10 1/2" thick structural slab which includes an embedment
at its side edge to support a stairs stringer. The embedment consists of a
1/2" PL which is anchored into the side of the slab with two #6 rebars(15'-0"
long) at mid-depth attached to a rebar coupler which is welded to the plate.
I'm trying to determine the tensile load capacity of the #6 rebars. In one of
my texts, I found an equation for nominal bond strength(Usub u = 30*sqrt(fc)
) for each 1 in of embedment. I believe this equation is part of the basis
for determining rebar development lengths in ACI 318. Is simply a matter of
using the bond strength equation to determine the allowable tensile load?

Charlie Canitz

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