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RE: Code Interpretation

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Actually, I don't think that's the way to go at all.

Model codes are NOT legal documents. They are written in such a way that
they can be adopted by governments to become the legal building code for
their jurisdiction.

Thus, this is a LEGAL not a TECHNICAL issue.

Therefore, questions regarding interpretation of building code items should
be put to the Building Official in that jurisdiction.

Off the record, my experience is that Building Officials, especially in
small jurisdictions, are often unable to interpret these satisfactorily. In
that case, I think it would not be inappropriate to suggest that the
official contact someone with the organization producing the model code.
However, it is up to the official as to what the interpretation will be

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The first logical question would be "Which code?"

Different organizations handle it differently.

For example, if you want an official interpretation of the ACI 318
Structural concrete code, then you submit the request to ACI with an
administration fee.

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