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Re: elevator hoist beam

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David Adie wrote:
> does anyone know of a good design reference for elevator hoist beams?
> my superior told me to load a simple span beam with a 5 kip point load
> applied at the middle.  is that about it or is there more involved?
> tia

If you are talking about a hydraulic elevator (buildings 5 stories or
less), your supervisor is right.  5k is all I have ever seen listed as
the design criteria for these beams. No special deflection criteria is
required - all they are used for is attaching a rope or cable for
lifting during installation or maintenance/replacement. It is good to
provide a 2" clearance over the top of the beam so that the cable can
pass over.

The only thing to watch out for is the overhead clearance in the upper
story.  Sometimes the elevator manufacturer's cut sheets will show the
clearance dimensioned to the top of the shaft/top of hoist beam. However
the beam must not encroach into the refuge area on top of the car, so
the clearance should actually be dimensioned to the bottom of the hoist
beam, unless the hoist beam is going to be removed after installation.
It is better to leave the beam in place, so provide the required
clearance to the bottom of the beam if at all possible.

Some of the other answers to your question dealt with a completely
different subject, i.e. machine room floors above traction elevators in
mid-rise to high-rise buildings.  These do have much heavier loads and
very strict deflection criteria.

Rick Burch
Columbia, SC

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