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RE: Bolt perforations

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>I would like to know about any
>experiences on how much larger should a
>hole for a bolt should be made in a
>steel structural element that is
>going to be galvanized after fabrication,
>such as a large truss for a

There is no difference in the hole size permitted when the material is to be
galvanized. And as stated in the following Q&A, the answer part of which
comes from Tom Langhill of the American Galvanizers Association, there is no
need to change the hole size to accomodate the galvanizing.

Hole sizes for bolts in steel-to-steel structural connections are given in
Section 3.3 of the 2000 RCSC Specification for Structural Joints Using ASTM
A325 or A490 Bolts, which is available for free download at This same information is also reflected into
Section J1.2 of the AISC LRFD Specification for Structural Steel Buildings,
which is available for free download at and described
with additional links of related information here:

Hope this helps.


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