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RE: Structural II Exam

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Mr. Grill,

I have found that it depends as much or more on your negotiating skill than on your performance/resume/experience as each of us is very different.  Until I looked at salary surveys I had no idea I was being abused. What I found out from some of the headhunters out there is that you should generally avoid telling what you make to your future employer. Ask them to consider and evaluate what you are bringing to the firm. Be as vague as possible and try to force the employer to state an offer. I have found that the first one to name the price is the loser. When I passed the California SE I was a minor partner in a small firm and got a $500/month increase. When I moved ( 3 years ago) I considered 3 offers and I found I was under compensated about $1000/month. I am at 25 yr experience level and no longer a partner in small firm and if surveys are accurate I am doing better than most.


Robert M. Hanson,S.E.

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Oh, by the way,  I know it depends on location, but what kind of salary should somebody be looking at if with 18 yrs. And successful completion of the first exam and again after the second exam assuming it is passed?  Most salary surveys don’t look at that breakdown.  Just interested where I stand now days.


Thanks again,

Joseph R. Grill, PE