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Re: Visual Basic

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Thanks Mr. Madden!  I recognize the name, it is the one I was trying to remember.
Keith De Lapp, P.E.
KDL Engineering
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Sent: Friday, February 01, 2002 5:03 PM
Subject: RE: Visual Basic

Excel 2000 - Power Programming with VBA, by John Walkenbach.
This book covers everything except how to make graphics using VBA.
ISBN No. 0-7645-3263-4   USA $49.99
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Subject: Visual Basic

I remember reading some recent recommendations on Visual Basic for Applications books for Excel.  I have reviewed the archives and not found a thing.  I bought VBA for Dummie's and it is not very helpful in regards to accomplishing Excel specific tasks.  Could I please get some recommendations.
Keith De Lapp, P.E.
KDL Engineering