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HP calculator story

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Attention  SEAINT:

Several weeks ago there seemed to be concern  over the probable demise of the
HP  (RPN)  calculator.

As some of you should know STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING  magazine seemed interested
 in the story  and was looking  for commentary from HP users.  Considering
the message  thread over this subject you would think that structural
engineers would share their stories  about the HP calculators,   but I guess
that isn't so.  From the message I just received from one of the writers for
Structural Engineering magazine I guess most of you do not wish to comment

Here's   Cathy Murphy's message     (e-mail:    catmurph(--nospam--at)

Re: HP calculator  story
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A few, but not as many as I'd hoped. Thanks for checking in!

on 2/1/02 1:54 PM, Robert Johnson at rjohnson(--nospam--at) wrote:


  as always,

  Bob  Johnson

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