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Re: Lack of Drafters

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>Is it just me, or is there a shortage of even 1/4 decent drafters out there.
Haven't you heard? CAD makes drafting unnecessary--it does everything for
you. You hire people who know about computers and once they learn how to
boot up Solidworks or AutoCAD--Shazam! they're drafters.

Better yet integrated CAD and FEA means no one needs to know applied
mechanics any more. FEA is so powerful we won't need design codes because
we'll have exact optimized solutions for every problem, so safety margins
aren't needed. Communications skills won't be important because we have
the Internet. Likewise organizational skills--organization will be
computerized. In a few years you won't need to hire even computer geeks
to do all your design--you just outsource everything. All you'll have to
do is send out bills. Ain't progress wonderful?

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