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Re: Lack of Drafters

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A number of years ago I took the Autocad class at Foothill College.  I
suggest that you contact them about your concerns.  The instructor was
extremely well prepared and it might be possible to initiate some sort of
specific training program.

On the other hand, most CAD drafters have no idea what a building looks
like, let alone how it goes together.  When the transition started from
hand drafting to cad drafting, my belief was that an old time drafter
moving over to CAD would be worth his weight in gold, but there was
resistance from many of the old drafters.

There was a firm near you that offered all the drafters the opportunity to
learn CAD. A number of them refused and they were eventually let go.

A word of caution:  We were once saddled with the clients "CAD" drafter.
This drafter hadn't even taken high school drafting!  We received drawings
with no dimensions and the drafter didn't work with centerline work points.
  We had three projects with the client and it was a disaster.  The third
project we kept in-house, citing scheduling problems.  The client was
bankrupt in about two or three years.

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates
celebrating 30 years of "nma" yesterday

At 06:30 PM 2/1/2002 -0800, Gerard Madden wrote:
>Is it just me, or is there a shortage of even 1/4 decent drafters out there.
>I have been interviewing people for the a couple of the places I have worked
>and I have been severely disappointed at the capabilities of most
>Frustrated in San Jose,
>Gerard Madden, PE
>Design Group Manager

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