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P-Delta Analysis(clarification)

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Dear Sherman/William :

I mean by the beam stiffness and the (beam/column) stiffness that:
I have checked some software uses the stiffness of the beam considering only
the bending deformations or the bending and the shear deformations without
considering the effect of the axial load in the rotational and translation
stiffness ,this what I means by the beam stiffness ,The other one
(beam/column) stiffness is used when we consider the effect of the axial
load in the stiffness calculations.

The P-Delta analysis is equal to : when we use the transltional stiffness (
Stt=(S1+S2+2*T)/h^2-P/h ) [where : P is the axial load ]
but the rotational stiffnesses S1 & S2 should calculated considering the
effect of the axial load to give the correct critical load ,when the load
increased .
My question why we don't consider the axial load in the calculation of
stiffness which is more correct .

Engineer: Ma'az Siddig Ibrahim.
U.A.E Abu Dhabi

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