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Re: Lack of Drafters + another issue

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I've been following the recent thread of messages regarding the lack of
Quality Drafters.  I share similar concerns.   Just what is being offered to
structural engineering student in colleges  today as it pertains to drafting
 (not the mechanics of CAD)  ??

Rather than add to this thread let me start another message thread offering
the commentary -


Hey - what am I taking about??

Last week I was contacted a structural steel detailing firm to provide
structural calculations for stair handrails rails.  You see the steel
detailer was required by the architect to provide signed and sealed
calculations for the stair handrails.  Lest you start criticizing the
architect  --  think again.  The drawings for this project were prepared by a
very large  E-a firm  and I know this firm does have In-house structural
engineering capabilities.

Seems that this firm did not want to assume any responsibility for the stair
hand rails.

The way things I going I can see the day coming when structural contract
documents  are prepared  with basic framing shown and  the note:  The
Contractor/Fabricator  shall engage the services of a structural engineer  to
design all steel beams as necessary.  The concrete detailer shall engage the
services of a structural engineer to design reinforcing steel as necessary to
carry the anticipated loads  as required by local building codes.

Bob  Johnson

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