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Re: Lack of Drafters

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Okay, I am going to throw my 2 cents in here and
give away all my secrets!!  You guys should pay me
for this information :)

One thing that has worked for us is to find young
construction workers that really don't want to be
construction workers and want to be in the office
designing.  I am in contact with concrete people,
framers, rod busters, steel workers all the time.  I
get the word out at as many job sites as possible
that we are looking for entry level CAD people and
are willing to train.  The ones who contact us are
almost always young, and have worked on a
construction site long enough to know it is not what
they want to do the rest of their lives.

Some of them have already started taking CAD classes
in the evening, keeping their construction jobs
during the day.  Our last new CAD person was a
framer, and had been doing it for 6 years.  He is 25
years old, and was always fascinated by the
structures he was building.  He has set his eyes on
other goals now, and he is continuing to take
evening CAD classes while he is working full time
during the day at our office.  He is doing GREAT, as
have most of the others we have found this way.  He
knows more than some of our engineers about how
buildings are built, and what is buildable and what
is not.

This could work for anyone really.  Just get the
word out at job sites and see who comes around.
These guys know how to read plans (usually), and
completely understand what they are drawing.  It has
worked on  more than one occasion for us.


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