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Re: Lack of Drafters

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Cliff wrote:

>  Today you can frame out an entire steel building on Ramsteel
> in the morning and have all of your floor framing plans done by the end
> of the day  (details? dimensions? What do you mean I can't frame my
> W36x135 to a W12x19?  What do you mean my W8x10 span 40 feet - the
> computer says it "works"- you old guys are so  conservative!).

Isn't this the truth!!

What do you mean the building is not cost effective?  We have 40 different
beam sizes per floor with the absolute minimum steel weight.!  Vibration?
Standardized shear plates? Consistent dimensional requirements?  You mean
you don't reduce the hip roof joist sizes as the span decreases?

Sorry, but I could get on an awfully large soap box anytime now.

Paul Feather

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