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pool pour joints

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do i need to be concerned about potential for cracking of pool plaster at
pour joints at wall and slab joints for a structural swimming pool?  I have a
pool that is 8' wide x 80' long, with 12" thick walls and base slab that has
a concrete deck cantilevered from the top of the pool wall. there are keyed
joints between the deck and the wall, and at about the mid length of the pool
 in the wall and slab.The exterior walls of the pool will be exposed and the
entire pool will be formed and cast concrete.  due to the size of the pool,
it cannot be placed in a single pour.  i have detailed keys at pour joints
with reinforcing running continuously through the joints.  The pool is one of
the first elements that will be constructed along with the building
foundations, and it will be several months to a year before the pool is
plastered and finished.

thanks in advance-
paul franceschi s.e.

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