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Crack Control Joints - Unreinforced Slab on Grade

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I've got to design an unreinforced slab on grade for a nightclub. The
"unreinforced" part is the owner's requirement; the mall in which the
nightclub is being built uses unreinforced concrete throughout. The slab I'm
in charge of is about 160' X 120', with 40' square construction pours.

I'm debating what sorts of measures to take to ensure the slab doesn't crack
(it will be exposed over about half the surface area, with some sort of
clear seal applied). I was thinking of using synthetic fibers but am not
sure if that would create a problem with application of the clear seal.

Also, I'm contemplating control joints at 20' (quartering the pour panels),
but see very little in the way of guidelines for control joint spacings in
the literature.

Does anyone have any enlightenment to share?

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