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RE: Lack of Drafters

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Title: RE: Lack of Drafters

I initially hand-drafted for a structural firm for about 3 years then we move on to ACAD 12 (now ACAD 2000). I spend more than seven wonderfull years with them. I learned a lot because I had a good supervisor. The positive part was that I loved my job and what the engineers were doing so I decided to pursue a career in civil engineering. Thanks to them and my courage I am a civil Engineer, graduated from Poly pomona.

Perhaps that's the reason to lack of drafters, most of us, at least in my case, wished to finish the race.

        Greg Ayala
Plan Examiner
Industry, California   

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From: Gerard Madden [mailto:gmadden(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2002 6:30 PM
Subject: Lack of Drafters

Is it just me, or is there a shortage of even 1/4 decent drafters out there.
I have been interviewing people for the a couple of the places I have worked
and I have been severely disappointed at the capabilities of most

I even went as far to create a cad test. I was able to complete the test in
45 minutes (re-create a hand drafted steel detail into autocad). I realize
that since I created the test, I understand the drawing, and I have a
structural background, that I will be faster than the typical test taker.
But I am having people spend over 3 hours trying to draft what I consider a
typical detail in a structural office and then I still find a ton of
mistakes (improper scale, missing information, wrong linetypes...)

Is everyone out there just starting from scratch with drafters, taking the
time to train and develop their skills, or are you capable of finding people
with experience? We advertised 2 year exp in structural, 20 25 bucks an
hour. I thought that was reasonable for that amount of experience. I had one
lady today ask for 35 an hour and I had to ask her to leave after 3 1/2
hours because she was too slow. These are the issues I now have fun dealing
with in my "Management" position.

Frustrated in San Jose,


Gerard Madden, PE
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