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RE: Lack of Drafters

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> From: Lynn H
> Okay, I am going to throw my 2 cents in here and
> give away all my secrets!!  You guys should pay me
> for this information :)
> One thing that has worked for us is to find young
> construction workers that really don't want to be
> construction workers and want to be in the office
> designing.  I am in contact with concrete people,
> framers, rod busters, steel workers all the time.  I
> get the word out at as many job sites as possible
> that we are looking for entry level CAD people and
> are willing to train.  The ones who contact us are
> almost always young, and have worked on a
> construction site long enough to know it is not what
> they want to do the rest of their lives.

At my previous employer we hired, over a 15-year period, 3 guys who had come
from Workers' Compensation training.

Each had experienced a construction accident that left them unable to return
to full-time work on site. As part of their compensation package, the WCB
had covered their costs to attend Community College and train as a civil
engineering technologist.

One was in his 40's, the others in their 30's. All three were outstanding
workers. Two had been framers, one a concrete worker. They all had a desire
to learn, and they knew how buildings work. One worked primarily on
inspections, the others did a mix of drafting and inspections. To put it
mildly, it was joy to be able to ask the drafter to draw a wall section, or
whatever, and not to have to explain what it was.

These guys were not so young, but they had family responsibilities and they
realized, I think, that they had received (through misfortune, to be sure) a
real opportunity. None of them wasted it. Two of them discovered hidden
talents, and later took up part-time teaching positions.

This serves to reinforce Lynn's experience - there's a lot of people out
there in construction who are there only by chance - they just may not have
been able to keep up with the academic track at school, and ended up
drifting. But the experience they gain during that period is valuable, if
only we can get at it.

Peter James

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