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RE: Lack of Drafters + another issue

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I see many of you have encountered the same.

To me, it is not important for a drafter to understand 100% what it is they
are drawing, especially with details. I think they should be able to
understand that a plate is thin and rectangular, a beam is horizontal, and a
column is vertical. I also expect them to ALWAYS draw to scale - that
shouldn't be difficult with cad.

I also expect them to reproduce a detail when I give them all the
information necessary (i.e. beams and column sizes, plate sizes, distances
between lines etc..).

I do not expect them to lay out an entire building and just let me put sizes
on the sheet - although I have worked with people who can do this and they
are invaluable. For the price I am paying, I expect them to know all the
commands of cad and have the ability to read drawings. I do not expect them
to know what CJP means, SMRF, or know their weld symbols. I would like them
to draw a typical structural detail from scratch in an hour to hour and a
half when given a pencil sketch. I would like them to know what scale a plan
should be drawn at so I can fit it on a 24x36 plot sheet without matchlines.

All the other stuff will come over time. I am frustrated at the basic lack
of understanding DRAFTING and CAD. It seems these cad schools teach all the
basics of CAD, then go to 3-d, then how to use all the tricks. By the time
they graduate they can't do the straight lines because that was two
semesters ago. They don't understand how to use linetypes to emphasize
important info, how to align text, make leaders parallel.... all the things
that make drawings easy to read.

I want a drafter who can take my hand sketch and reproduce it neatly in a
reasonable amount of time. If he understands the purpose - bonus for me.
He/she should be able to let me know if things don't fit together quite
right, but I don't expect them to tell me "Hey, this weld is wrong, or these
bolts should be slip critical".

I realize the old-time drafters who could perform all of these tasks are
rare, I'm not even asking for that and finding a qualified candidate is
proving difficult.

The "Level 3 Autodesk Certified" resumes I get don't even know how to scale
a text height so it prints at the right size when it comes out of the

I have interviewed 4 people who fit Dennis' description of having been
former "Architectural Designers" ... All performed poorly on my cad test.
One gave up , another I had to ask to leave, and the last finished but had a
number of glaring mistakes.


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