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Rebar splices in tension zones

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ACI 318 recommends that rebar splices be located away from tension zones. I
am working on a large industrial facility in Mexico where the maximum bar
length available is 12m. This is a concrete beam and slab building over 100
feet tall x 180 feet long  with some extremely large loads, located in an
intermediate seismic region. If I try to keep all my bar splices out of
tension zones (specifically in the 180 ft. long beams), it results in a lot
of cutting and wastage of reinforcement (because of the 12m maximum length
of bar). I am therefore considering placing the full 12m length bars and
splicing at every 12m with no cutting, resulting in some splices in high
tension regions. These splices will be per the code for tension splices
however I am a little worried about locating these splices in the tension
zones based on the recommendation in the ACI to try and avoid such regions.
In this example what would good practice dictate in locating these splices.
Thanks in advance for all help.

John Holliday P.E.

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