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RE: Acrobat Writer

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Try this freeware product posted earlier on this list.  It prints very
well with a bit of tweaking on the configuration file.  Good product
that I have used extensively.  Let me know how it goes.
John T. Whitty - PE
Industrial TurnAround Corporation
Chester, VA
I find the best way is to save the drawing as a *.pdf using the
"OttoPDF" software. This method was mentioned in a previous message,
just thought I would add my two cents since I use it quite often. 
It is a small file to download and very easy to use.
James M Inch, EIT
Dillon Consulting Limited
Iqaluit, NU

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Dear Colleagues,
I recently purchased Acrobat writer version 5 and found it be a great
tool.  When a blueprinter couldn't plot our AutoCad plt files because
they didn't have a "driver" for AutoCad 2002 version, I had to resort to
Acrobat 5 writer and diverted the immediate crisis with the blue-printer
for now.  
But, in reviewing the plotted drawings via Acrobat writer, the poche'd
area of concrete section completely hides rebars in the section.  Before
saving to Acrobat Distiller, I chose the option of "line merge" versus
"line overwrite".  This would normally resolve our issue when we plot in
the office via AutoCad session but, appears not the case with Acrobat.  
Does anyone know how to plot AutoCad drawings via Acrobat Writer and
still able to show rebars in the poch'ed area?
Thank you,
Brad Smith

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