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Re: Church Pews on a Wood Framed Balcony

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	Consider any or all of the following.

1.) Decrease the framing spacing.

2.) Increase the amount of bridging used (say a minimum of three rows
rather than one).

3.) Use a topping above the plywood.

	The architects I work with prefer to use concrete filled metal deck for
this application.  Perhaps you should consider changing your whole


				H. Daryl Richardson

> Jenkins Engineering, Inc. wrote:
> I need some words of wisdom....
> I've got an architectural church project that contains a wood framed
> balcony system - plywood deck on 2x framing at 16"OC.
> The question is....
> What is typically done to resist the concentrating effects of the pew
> legs?  If they used individual chairs, the load would not accumulate
> and typical wood framing would be adequate to resist the applied
> loads.  With pews with legs at 6'-0 OC +/- with 200# people at 18"OC,
> the interior legs could easily have 1000 pounds or more.  I'm not
> excited about putting that much load on a 3/4" plywood deck.  Even if
> blocking resolved the plywood issue, the 13'-6 span on the floor
> joists supporting multiple pews creates a "beam" problem.  I'd hate
> for the Spirit to move them and the floor and pews drop them.
> At this point, I'm considering a multi-member beam at each leg.  The
> concern is, if the Church moves the pews or the contractor does not
> align the beam with the leg, the work is in vain.
> Thanks in advance!
> Bobby Jenkins, PE
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