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Re: AUTOCAD: Getting The Text Size Right

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Hello Bill,

I know virtually nothing about autocad, except how to get a plot that I am
interested in marking up.  Since it is fairly late, your time, I will attempt
to tell you what I hear our drafters in the office say.  Our guys draft in
model space, then lay everything out in paper space for plotting, title
blocks etc.  I believe you have to determine the scale that you will
ultimately be plotting at prior to entering your text and use something
called the "dim scale" to adjust the text size.  I am at home now and going
strictly by memory, but I believe the dim scale is the inverse of the drawing
scale times 12.  eg. if your plan will ultimately be plotted at 1/8" = 1'-0",
the dim scale would be 8 x 12 /1 = 96.

This may or may not help.  I am sure there are a lot of engineers who read
the list that double as drafters also who can shed much more light on this
subject than me.


Greg Showerman
Inept draftsman and fair engineer

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