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RE: AUTOCAD: Getting The Text Size Right

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Thanks for the info.

Regarding using XREFs, I already do that to a great extent.

But using multiple viewports has many advantages the most important of which
(to me, anyway) is that you can freeze or thaw layers in specific viewports.
This allows me, for example, to show greater details in a "close-up" view,
and turn off the layers in the "birds eye" view so the drawing doesn't look
so cluttered.

Anyway, you and others have gotten me straight on this, and I appreciate it.
(I'm going to bite the bullet and upgrade to the latest version of ACAD
(2002 I guess) Real Soon Now(tm). Here's hoping the later versions are even
more useful insofar as "Paper Space" is concerned.

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On a related matter, I absolutely steer clear of paper space whenever

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