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Re: AUTOCAD: Getting The Text Size Right

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You have to have a different dimension style for each scale of viewport you 
want to use.  The only difference in the styles is the number in the"Overall 
Scale" box in the Geometry section of the Dimension Style Dialog box.  That 
is the "dimscale" system variable.  

So, if you have some viewports that you want to plot at ¼" = 1'-0", put 48 
into the box and, save the dimstyle to a new name, like DIM48, and use it for 
all those details.  For details that get plotted at ½" = 1'-0", put 24 into 
the "overall scale" box, save the dimstyle to a new name, like DIM24, and use 
it on all the details that get plotted at that scale.

Mark Johnson

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