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RE: AUTOCAD: Getting The Text Size Right

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Here is my 2 cents:

to get the text height correct:
set the dimscale to 1
set to text height to the actual size you want it to print (We use .1" and
on a full size plot if you were to measure the text, it would be .1")

to get assoc dimensioning to work in paperspace:
set dimlfac=#, where # is the inverse of your scale x 12 (1/4"=1' becomes
4x12=48 as stated earlier)
If you have two different viewports with two different scales - dimension
one window first and then change the dimlfac and dimension the second one.

By putting both in ps, a bonus is that it is easier to get the regular text
and dimension text the same height without much grief (imho).

Donna (who made the paperspace jump about a year ago)

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Subject: AUTOCAD: Getting The Text Size Right

I finally began to teach myself "Paper Space" and "Model Space" in Autocad
R. 14 this week. I have some framing plans that are really conducive to
doing it this way, and I've finally figured out how to get "Floating
Viewports" to scale the views so that when the plot, they plot at an
accurate scale.

However, I cannot figure out how to deal with the text size issue. As far as
dimensions are concerned, it's obviously necessary to leave them in Model
Space so that they give the correct dimension (I nearly always use
associative dimensioning), but I can't quite figure out how to get the text
sizes to be consistent from one view to the other when the views show
plans/details of different scales.

I thought that checking the box marked "Scale to Paperspace" in the
Dimension Style dialogue would do it but it does not seem to have the effect
I anticipated.

Has anyone got any sage advice on this subject?

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