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Re: Copy of UBC 97 Table 16A

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Golly Gee Andy!
In reading your email I couldn't be anything but impressed with your knowledge of what written words are appropiate for this public engineering forum and your astute knowledge of the current geopolitical climate in the mideast.  Where can a "fellow engineer" like myself find a Thematic organization that preaches to the Adolescent multitudes of inferior uneducated masses that do nothing but promise Lawless behavior all in the name of an Idolatrous mundane dogma that will empower me to issue Banal decrees of Acrimonious limitations of the obvious misuse of the right of free speech as exhibited by the subject Neanderthal (see below) to which you most eloquently dismissed?
Elias Coury,

If you want a copy of a certain code section just ask for it. As fellow engineers we will provide it to you.  No need for politics on this board.
A lot of Israelis have lost a lot more than their building codes.
Good job!  Andy, keep up the good work.
Keith De Lapp