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Plywood Deck - Waterproofing

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I have an exterior covered entryway that I have to finish up designing right
quick. The original design by the architect had a sloped standing-seam roof,
but with no provision for lateral wind resistance.

When I pointed out we were going to have to do something (horizontal
bracing, etc.) the architect and I discussed it for awhile and he came up
with simple plywood sheathing under the standing-seam roof deck. My question
to him was "how do we keep the plywood from rotting when, as is inevitable
here in Houston, it will stay wet for much of the time. He answered "just
put some notes in there about a wood sealer, and roofing felts.

Has anyone else done a plywood diaphragm as a "sub-roof" under
standing-seam? If so, how did you tackle this problem?

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
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Katy, TX, USA
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