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Q: Methods of Injection of Cracks in Concrete: Which Is Preferred?

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As I believe I've mentioned before, I find myself more and more doing
consulting for concrete structure renovations. I have some questions for
those who might have some experience with this (especially the plant
engineering people, where you're having to use innovative methods using
technology beyond "spit and bailing wire" to maintain tank foundations,

My client sent out an Invitation to Bid based on some specifications I had
written. Since I'm more comfortable in the world of crack injection using
epoxy or urethane, that's the way I went with my spec. However, one bidder
replied with an alternate system including "chasing" or "routing out" the
cracks, applying a Sonneborn 733 Primer in the routed crack, and then
Sonneborn NP2 Sealant. Now, I have used NP2 before, but only as the final
component of a joint seal. It has essentially no structural properties
(though to be sure the urethane isn't exactly holding up the world). My
feeling is that the crack injection is more sure, but the bidder disagrees,
saying it is too expensive for the results you get (unbeknownst to him,
though, his argument is somewhat overshadowed by the fact that the
next-lowest bidder, only 8% higher than the lowest bid, DID submit my
procedure to the letter).

I'd love to hear input from those who have an opinion and any other wisdom
you'd care to share on this topic.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, TX, USA
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FAX (281) 492-8203
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