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RE: 1997 UBC 2320.2 & 1605.2 ---> IBC 2308.12 & 1617.6.2 & 1617. 6.3

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I was wrong on a few points about the IBC in my diatribe about design of portions and combination of R's on the same axis .  IBC 1617.6.2 & IBC 1617.6.3 allows you to vary R's from grid to grid for houses and duplexes.  Also IBC 2308.12 says you can design a portion of an unusual house.  Perhaps  these provisions are the brainchild of nihilist iconoclastic enemies of engineered residential construction. 
Thanks for enlightening me.  In any case I do not see why a plan reviewer would not allow someone to use a more current structural code provision.
Scott Haan
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Here in Southern California we use an exception to the UBC.
1999 SEA California    Recommended Lateral Force Requirements and Commentary

Sec 105.4.4 Combinations Along the Same Axes

Exception: For light frame buildings in occupancy groups 4 & 5 and of two stories or less in height, the lateral force resisting elements are permitted to be designed using the least value of R for the different structural systems found on each independent line of resistance.  The value of R used for the design of diaphragms for a given direction of loading in such structures shall not be greater than the least value used for any of the systems in that same direction.

Joe Venuti

Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA