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Re: Methods of Injection of Cracks in Concrete: Which Is Preferred?

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What do you want the injection to accomplish?

If it is not a structural repair, a sealant is probably O.K.

If the damage has resulted in deterioration of structural capacity, you need
to understand what has been degraded, and what caused the damage.  If the
cause is a continuing un-mitigated process, the cause needs to be addressed
first or else the repair will eventually be damaged as the process
continues.  After the reason for the damage has been mitigated, the
appropriate repair still depends on the structural characteristic that needs
to be restored.  If the damage is due to corrosion of reinforcing steel,
appropriate repair may be very intrusive.  Epoxy injection will probably be
effective in many cases in which compression and shear capacities of the
concrete need to be restored.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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