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Re: Need help on issue that has been discuss

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Roger, Neil, Paul and Stan-

I don't think we are talking about life-safety
issues here.  I haven't gone into enough depth to
actually say for sure that there are issues that
would raise serious alarm.  I spent between 2-3
hours reviewing the drawings and calculations, just
enough to know that I wasn't comfortable with the
design.  The drawings are very poorly detailed, not
allowing us to understand how the building is put
together structurally in the area of our work.
There are plan irregularities and vertical
discontinuities that do not appear to have been
taken into account with increased torsional factors
and proper omega factors in the design.

I have a feeling that if I spent a day or two
checking over the plans and calculations in greater
detail I would find a lot more.  But I am not sure
of that, maybe the only errors that were made were
in fact in the limited places I looked.  It probably
isn't worse off than any similar building built in
the 1950's.  But we don't evacuate those buildings
now do we.

And that really brings up another question, why is
there such alarm when a new building does not
substantially conform to current Code, when many
older buildings have many deficiencies when compared
to current Code?  I know some jurisdictions have
mandatory retrofit requirements for tilt-up
buildings, but not here in Santa Barbara.  If a new
Tilt-up was constructed with a wood roof ledger
using cross grain bending to support the concrete
walls for out-of-plane forces, an Engineer would
probably loose his license.  But there are hundreds
and probably thousands of building just like this
built prior to 1972 that pose a very real life
safety risk to my mother, sister and daughter, and
no one does a thing about it.  How come?  When all
of you engineers walk into a building such as this
what do you do?  Evacuate all of the occupants?

Yikes, this looks real messy.  Not to change the
subject, but do we allow older non-conforming
buildings to get away with murder?


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