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Re: Causes of a "fatal flaw?"

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>Without either endorsing or criticizing his solution, I will see if
>I can explain what I believe he is saying.
I confess I didn't follow up the links in the article. And I really don't
understand your explanation--I think I need a free body diagram.

The technical issues ignored in the article are really screaming for

Why did the connections crack and not yield?
This isn't much different from a life safety or technical standpoint than
the Libery ship failures in the 40's. There were a lot of half-baked
theories floating around, but good solid engineering work found the
causes nad laid the groundwork for fracture safe design about 40 years
ago. This used to be rocket science, but it isn't any more.

And why these connections and not others?
Engineers have been making welded structures for a long time. Why this
problem all of a sudden? If it is all of a sudden. What was unique about
the connections that failed? My guts are telling me that someone wasn't
paying proper attention to welding quality, either in the selection of
consumables or in joint design. That's sticking my neck way out, but I've
investigated more than a few weld failures and those are the two things
to look at first.

The tone of the article was pure snake oil, I'll give Richard the benefit
of the doubt. If he has a solution, fine, good for him. But either he's
using the situation for personal gain or Muckraker is using him, neither
does anyone any credit nor helps with the problem.

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