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Re: Need help on issue that has been discuss

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It is not just that the building may not comply with the code. Is it

?The Abatement of  Dangerous Buildings? is a valuable guide. The problem
is that this guide was not changed for the 1997 UBC. Some  new code
increase-of-design-demands appear to envelop possible non exact behavior
and by  definition would render most existing buildings as dangerous.
Those increases may not be applicable for the intended parameters for
the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings.

The referenced guide does suggest dangerous as something less than 66%
in compliance with the most recent code. This is probably referring to
previous design codes that might have predicted failure with all things
absolute. This probably would not apply to some of the new code seismic
increases. Such as: study the application of omega, redundancy and
demands that are not direct functions of seismic stress demands. A
performance study might help. 66% of code compliance should work for a
large increase of the probable seismic frequency of exceedance. Maybe an
increase by a factor of 2.6.

The need to refuse the design does not have to be based on a dangerous
condition but just one  that does not comply with code.

Maybe, the problem has to do with the code section 1629.8.3 part 4. The
top of a rigid level(s) might be the base for a static analysis for the
more flexible framing above. Are the assumptions  compatible?

David Merrick

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