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RE: Partial Collapse of Convention Cente

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I agree with you totally.

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Perhaps little boys who want to play could find a more appropriate forum.
Join a chat room where you can impress people similar to yourselves.

This is a construction accident where somebody got killed.  Doesn't that
mean anything to you?

Gail S.  Kelley,  P.E.

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Not yet! (...annnnd Feedlebaum ...)  [The race is on!]

Stan's came thru --- your's hasn't yet!  (Your post quoted *did* arrive

Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

Bill Polhemus wrote:

. > I beatcha.

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Subject: Partial Collapse of Convention Center Addition in Pittsburgh

A section of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center that is under
construction collapsed this afternoon, killing one worker and injuring two

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