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Pittsburgh Convention Center Collapse?

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Just heard a report online that the Pittsburgh Convention Center has
suffered a partial collapse.

"Part of the new David L. Lawrence Convention Center that is under
construction in downtown Pittsburgh collapsed Tuesday afternoon. A
three-story steel frame known as the "third wing" fell just before 3 p.m.,
WTAE's Sheldon Ingram reported. The affected section is opposite Penn
Avenue, facing the Allegheny River. A steel beam either fell onto a worker
or struck the worker, Ingram reported. Two ambulances are on the scene, and
the Allegheny County coroner's office has been called. Part of the center's
foundation shifted during construction in November. Eighteen of 500 caissons
along 10th Street were affected. Phase I of the construction was scheduled
to be completed this month, and a recreational vehicle show was scheduled to
begin Feb. 19."

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