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gap below base plates

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We have a situation that I haven't seen before.  I don't know the details of how or when the grout was installed under the building column base plates (I will find that out though), but the grout is not in contact with the bottom of base plate in some areas.  The space is small - maybe 1/16" and less, but I don't think this is acceptable (please correct me if I am wrong).
Two possible causes that I can think of are:
1. Installing the grout before all of the steel was erected (so the column plumbness was changed after the grout was installed)
2. Grout is not shrinkage resistant
I know that the cause needs to be found out before the fix is implemented, but I would like to know what fixes are available.
I was thinking that there would  be a way to seal around the edge of the opening and inject an epoxy grout into the gap, but I have never done this or seen it done.  Any of you have experience with such a method?  I plan to contact a grout mfr. - such as 5 Star grout, but I wanted to check with you designers and get your thoughts first.
As always, thanks in advance,
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