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Re: Aluminum 6063-T52 allowable bending stress

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According to "Caradon Indalex" 6063-T52 for a wall thickness of 1"
min tensile = 22 ksi, max = 30 ksi
min yield = 16 ksi, max = 25 ksi

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Subject: RE: Aluminum 6063-T52 allowable bending stress

The "T" is just designating the temper designation (by thermal treating)....I looked in the Aluminum Association's "Aluminum Design Manual" and didn't see a listing for T52.......when it is welded it returns back to its annealed condition prior to the tempering thus the welded value of 8 ksi would be a conservative value to use I would think......

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Subject: Aluminum 6063-T52 allowable bending stress

I need to do a handrail calculation for 6063-T52 aluminum pipe.  I have an NAAMM publication that tells me that the design bending stress for 6063-T5 and 6063 T532 is 11.5 ksi and that it is to be reduced to 8 ksi within 1" of welds.  Do any of you know if T52 would have the same design values?
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