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RE: 1970's Panelized Roof - Question

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When you are looking for the plans, also look for AITC's "Certificate of
Conformance."  The "Certificate of Conformance," by itself tells you (the
Structural Engineer) very little, but "Attachment No. 1" tells you a helluva
lot more (Member ID, Quantity, Size, Combination, Adhesive Type, Appearance
Grade, Camber), AITC plant no., company and "Attachment No. 2" gives much
more detailed information about the lumber (species, grading rules, paragraph
no., grades, slope of grain), moisture content (range, variation per member),
end joint, adhesive (specification, type, batch no.), gluing (pressure,
pressure period, glue spread), AITC plant no., company.

Unfortunately, it seems that few engineers require Attachments No. 1 and 2 be
provided with the Certificate of Conformance.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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