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Steel Lintel Bearing on Masonry Wall

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I would like to know what the various opinions are regarding the bearing of
a steel lintel on a masonry wall

The typical lintel in question consists of a W section with a plate below
spanning somewhere between 6' and 30'.

Besides calculating the required bearing length, is there a preferred method
of anchorage?

Should the lintel truly be anchored to the masonry by welding  it to a
bearing plate,
or should the lintel have provisions to move slightly so as not to produce

What complications occur by fixity if the lintel is supporting a cavity
wall, where the brick wants to expand, and the
cmu backup wants to contract, but the lintel is only bearing on the cmu?

Does one method produce a different expansion joint & control joint layout
over another method?

Your opinions are appreciated,

Dave Nuttall, P.E.
Green Bay, WI

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